Friday, April 2, 2010

One Shirt, Two Suits

The relentless job search comes with one endearing prospect, new clothes! The dreaded interview, complete with sweaty palms, stammering thoughts, and a killer pencil skirt.

I can't freaking wait.

In a perfect world, I imagine stepping out of my cab, approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled interview time, looking strikingly similar to
I know, you're right...I don't have a job yet, so spending money on cab fare is erroneous. Ok yes and it's Spring, so a wool suite would just look ridiculous. 

After a long day of cover letters, resumes, LinkedIn, and the various other duties in post-grad life, I unwind with my favorite part of personal branding- power outfitting. My next plan of action, is to take these suits and introduce them to my mom in the most professional and persuasive powerpoint I can muster, in hopes that she'll too realize the effect of high-suit investing...and take me shopping.  

The Shirt: 
Donna Karan Cotton-Blend Wrap Shirt

The Suits: 
1. The Katharine Hepburn Effect (think Adam's Rib)
The Power Suit Series 2
The Power Suit Series 2 by mollybryn featuring Donna Karan tops
Linen-blend Double-brested Blazer by DKNY
Silk Radzmir Cropped Pants by Marc Jacobs
'Carrie' Leather Pump by Guess
Oak Printed Leather Planner by Mulberry
London Ladies Briefcase byAspinal of London
Red Wayfarers by Ray Ban
Chance Perfume by Chanel
Executive T-Clip Ballpoint Pen by Tiffany's
'Feminist Lipstick' by Elizabeth Arden

2. The Black Tie Twist

The Power Suit Series
The Power Suit Series by mollybryn featuring Donna Karan tops
Tison crepe tuxedo jacket by Maje
High waisted shantung silk shorts by Stella McCartney
Black Patent Flats by Cookie7
Park Slope Short Eliza Bag by Kate Spade
Barrie round-frame acetate glasses by Oliver Peoples
Benetint Lip Balm by Benefit
Under-eye brightener by Smashbox
Retractable Gel-Ink Pen by Bic


  1. I LOVE these, especially the first one :)
    Great post!


  2. Love these outfits! I have just gotten a job and keep buying things and saying to myself "I can wear this to work, right" haha though I probably wont!


  3. Fabulous post! What a fashion sense you have.