Monday, November 30, 2009

The Vegetarian's Thanksgiving

Since giving up meat three years ago, I have been more than willing to try a multitude of new foods in order to receive appropriate nutrients. Of course, for many of us vegetarian converts, the biggest struggle appears in the consumption of tofu. I gained a taste for the white bean curd substance (made with a coagulating soy milk) after realizing that if I douse it with my favorite teriyaki sauce, I completely forget the mushy consistency and rather enjoy the high-protein food.

For years I have only eaten side dishes on Thanksgiving, since the main course is obviously unsuitable for my diet. To my surprise, my mom told me the day before our big holiday, that we were making a Tofurkey. I have heard jokes about this veggie-friendly dish but I have always been a bit turned off purely on my imaginative idea of what this would look like; something brown, shiny and jiggly like jello. Putting my disposition against tofu-turkey aside, I helped my mom in what would become one of our greatest cooking feats yet.

Vegetable Stuffing: onion, celery, and mushroom.

Sauté with spices

Meanwhile, drain crumbled tofu in colander to create mold

Mom and I, basting the Tofurkey with special sauce (flavor!)

Bon Appetit!

This "my-size" tofurkey took over 2 hours to make and 2 more hours to cook, but it was well worth it. Come dinner time, the whole family wanted a bite of our delicious creation! This is sure to be on the menu for many holidays to come.

Find our tofurkey recipe here!

Also, my roommate just surprised me with this! A famously delicious cookbook from the best vegetarian chef, Mollie Katzen.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"It seems Thanksgiving Day is upon us"

Sally Brown: "I haven't even finished eating all of my Halloween candy!"
The thing about the holidays, is that they often come with a fantastic Charlie Brown film complete with growing up and learning lessons with your dog and friends by your side. Of them all, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is certainly one that should not be missed.

The other day, I was bustling among the inevitably packed Park Street T-station (Boston subway) when I noticed an elderly man helping a young mother carry her stroller down a flight of stairs. I looked around at all the suits bumping into each other, without taking a second to notice what was happening around them. The man was hardly fit enough to be walking down stairs, let alone carrying a stroller with an 18-month-old baby inside, but the mother had her hands full as well. By the time I had maneuvered my way through the crowd to help, they had reached the bottom and the grateful mother went in the other direction. I followed the elderly couple onto our Riverside-bound train, and overheard the man's admiring wife say, "you're a good man Charlie Brown."

I couldn't help but think, especially in the spirit of Thanksgiving, how important it is to lend a helping hand for those in need. The majority of people, including myself, get so caught up with our daily distractions that we neglect to realize the exhausted woman standing on the bus that could use our seat, or the homeless man who would appreciate that morning latte much more than we would,  or that our Grandmother probably needs a quick "hello" and "I miss you" from someone. Acts of selfless kindness are necessary to keep an order of give and take, good and bad, progression and regression in the movement of everyday. Life is a cycle and we are all here to participate.


Thanksgiving is more than giving thanks. Give what you can, whenever you can. Be grateful when your life slows down and allow yourself to look around at others. What can you do for them?

Ways to Give Back in Boston & Beyond!
Volunteer Boston
Boston Cares
Best Buddies
Strong Women, Strong Girls
Habitat for Humanity
Common Ground Relief (New Orleans)
Project Bread
Rosie's Place
Animal Rescue League (various locations, just search!)
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Hub on Wheels
AIDS Action Committee
Room to Grow
Find your local food bank or soup kitchen and donate time, food, or living essentials.

Monday, November 23, 2009

MK&A :: Don't Stop Me Now!

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen have revealed another stunning collection for The Row with the S/S 2010. I fell in love with The Row for its simplistic elegance and obvious comfort. This season's look-book previews a rawness and an Aboriginal power, as the model poses covered in clay with a sticks and twigs headdress. The idea? That nature's most gorgeous fabrics can glide sophisticatedly over even the most distracting bad hair days.

Loving the nude sheer top, the red leather skirt, and white suit!

[Model: Ursula Konina]
[Photography: Hanna Liden]

Label to Love

I first laid eyes on the intense layers and superbly distressed fabrics that together, define the All Saints brand, in London's Selfridges department store. My semester abroad was a combination of learning experiences, but none was as defining as my growing knowledge of global fashion styles and labels.

The All Saints look is remarkably comfortable, with high-quality fabrics, at a semi-affordable price. The pieces remain in a close color scheme that never stray far from the dismal palette of an overcast day with cloudy tones of gray, black, dark browns, and off-white. Dresses and skirts include flattering designs like fitted bodices and hitched skirts with bustle details. Many of my favorites use pattern cutting techniques and draping which gives unique shapes and intricate designs, which allows the consumer to feel like their outfit cannot be replicated. The comforting fabrics vary from 100% cotton, angora lined wool blazers, linen, or cashmere and lambswool in their knitwear. Sometimes, it's hard to tell the difference between the men's and the women's line in this store. Sometimes, that's the best part. Don't be afraid to wonder over and grab a jersey top in the men's section to mix with your can't-live-without-them, Elita Trousers that must be worn with none other than the Amarante Boot (preferably in Neutral). Despite All Saints UK homefront, their wesbsite offers a range of pricings and ships to almost anywhere, so browse away!

It's undeniable that the models allude a certain renegade. The brand defies conventional fashion and uses shocking mixtures of dainty flowers with hardpressed leathers. Aside from the fact that I've always wanted Cake's "Short Skirt & a Long Jacket" to be my movie moment theme song, I love the idea of wearing the green, high-collared, canvas, military coat over the short, pin-tucked tweed skirt.
Make a Statement, Be Rebellious.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What a Day for a Daydream

I want to start here...

Suddenly, end up here...

Warm up a little here...

And here, with you...

And finally, put all my dreams to rest, right here.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ooh Wee Ooh, I Look Just Like Buddy Holly

{Waylon Jennings & Buddy Holly}

They're calling it "Geek Chic." In Boston, you can catch this style walking around Allston "Rock City" holding an Arizona Iced Tea, or as the locals have been known to say, an "Allston Tea." How do you spot them? Look for little Buddy Hollys in Chuck Taylors. The hipsters and emos have revolutionized the nifty-fifties and designers are finally giving them the fashion-cred they deserve.


{both-dan martensen photography}

{cass bird, sophomore f09}

{both, the sartorialist}

{ally hilfiger}
{johnny depp}

{josh hartnett}

{testing the look under the alias, isabella}

Go Get Your Geeky Self:
1. Glasses -$10 at Urban Outfitters
2. Chuck Taylor All-Stars- $45 at Converse
3. Pencil Jeans- $187 at J Brand
4. Houndstooth- $68 at Urban Outfitters
5. Plaid- $148 at Anthropologie
6. Stripes- $44 at Top Shop
7. Flannel - $12.50 at Forever 21
8. Vintage Tee- $24 at Urban Outfitters
9. Thigh High Socks- $18.50 at J Crew
10. Wool Skirt- $54.50 at Gap

I'm in the mood for Pacman...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dinner on the Back Burner

Sunday Dinner was put on the back burner this week so that Carly and I could get a head start with our holiday cards. On my way to her Brookline apartment, I swung by Paper Source to pick up some crafty necessities. I grabbed things like glitzy snowflakes, baby clothespins, stickers of all wintery sorts, and anything else that sparkled like a radio flyer on Christmas morning!

After gluing smiley gingerbread couples or framing icy pine trees with frilly red felt, our holiday cheer was unstoppable. So, that "Buddy-the-Elf" that lives inside all of us, forced a spontaneous Pillsbury dough purchase and a cookie decorating session.

"I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite!"