Monday, November 9, 2009

Renew Your Choo!

When I first got wind that Jimmy Choo was releasing a more affordable line at H&M, I'm quite certain I heard a faint whimper from the sad, soon to be neglected, Mossimo flats in my closet. I am a strong advocate in the bargain for your buck look and I will temporarily sacrifice fashion for comfort. I'm sorry, but I refuse to rock 6-inch heels on cobblestone at 7 a.m., it's Downton Crossing suicide. Of course, all that might change once Choo's new line hits H&M on November 14th. The line brings an edgy, quality, high-fashion style for the working woman's wallet. The collection includes everything from buttery leather dresses, animal print clutches, studded gladiator stilettos, and glittering heavy jeweled accessories. Here are some celebrities promoting Jimmy Choo for H&M at the launch party in Hollywood on November 3rd:

Paris & Nicky Hilton/ JimmyChoo for HM Designer Tamara Mellon with M.I.A.

Models in Jimmy Choo for HM
Nothing in the line is over $300, the most expensive of course winds up being my favorite at exactly $299. A pair of over-the-knee leather boots that you see M.I.A. wearing above. I love the over-the-knee look and have yet to find a quality, not too provocative pair. Of course I could count on Mr. Choo.

Flats $69.95 :: Basic Heels $99 :: Stilettos $129 :: Suede Stiletto & Snakeskin Boots $149

Blue Suede Dress $249 :: Gray Suede Dress $249

Belted Jumpsuit $69.95 :: Suede Fringe Dress $249

Leather Dress $249 :: Sequin Top $69.95 :: Leather Leggings $199

Leather Bag $299 :: Zebra Clutch $129

In all its chic cheapness, the much anticipated collection will surely draw a crowd come Saturday morning. H&M is ensuring as little chaos as possible by granting the first 160 customers a bracelet that gives a specific time for shopping in the designated Jimmy Choo area. This is no black friday, but put your game faces on because you do not want to miss out! Happy Choo-ing!

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  1. omg!!....of course there's no h&m in burlington...i'm so deprived.