Thursday, March 24, 2011

Floral Arrangements

Do you know what I love most about this little blog project of mine? You. No matter how long I disappear or how frequently I procrastinate, no lie, you should see how many draft posts I have going here I somehow come back to find a heartwarming comment and maybe even a lovely new follower. I just want to say, thank you.

Recently, I have been on this expensive kick of buying flowers. Like real-live, need to be cared for and given water, blooming, flowers. I thought it would be a perfect fit with all the extra sunshine going around and also, I've always dreamt that one day I would be a flower delivery lady and my days were packed full with making people smile. Unfortunately, it turns out, I do not have a green thumb. I killed daisies within 48 hours.
This goes along with another recent realization that my oh-so-sweet boyfriend pointed out- I cannot cook. But does that stop me from trying? Never. Take note- I am persistent and mostly succeed...eventually.
As I work on my domestic skills, I have also been working on my spring closet. Let me tell you, I am gushing over yellow and teal. Most days I'll head over to visit Erin, usually around 3 p.m. when I feel like my cubicle will be my gravestone, and her posts just make me outright giddy. 

 Check out some of my favorite things this Spring!

Floral Arrangements
Lanvin t shirt dress
$945 -

Dockers pants
$148 -

TopShop wedge heels
$140 -

Miu Miu leather hobo shoulder bag
$1,895 -

Cara wood bracelet
$42 -

ChloƩ star sunglass
172 GBP -