Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm loving...

Beaded+Bright {and on sale!}

Karen Zombos's Richie Tank Dress is the ideal mix of lace and laid-back. Antik Batik's super-hip beaded bag is exactly what I need post-grad and pre-summer, don't you think? Kendra Scott's collar stone necklace is effortlessly glam with just a hint of mint! I'm sure a DIY pink scarf, made simply from your nearest paper streamer, is bound to brighten up our day. Anthropologie shoots these arrow clogs right into my heart. A handmade silk bead pillow would look perfect under my head, right here

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Table Talk

I've recently become enamored with table settings. I'm fascinated with the creativity that transcends a dinner party to a more romantic, eccentric, or relaxing atmosphere. The strong use of centerpieces, candles, linens, and the general decor of a room can change your entire dining experience. What's more, is that you can do this all yourself. Picking wildflowers to place in a mason jar or an old tea tin with draped lights or dramatic tapers for a special glow, can make your table unique and memorable for your guests.

Here are some of my favorite table designs from Once Wed:
I have always been a fond of paper lanterns around a table, like the ones in our first photo. I think it creates this magical orient to an evening. Do you not love the idea of canvas covered haystacks for seats?! So cozy and fun. In the third photo, the mix-matched plates and colorful quilts make for a light-hearted picnic with friends. I have never been a fan of pink decorations, but I think the fuchsia napkins and bright gerber daisies are exactly what the rustic design in our fourth table needed. Outdoor dinners can be difficult, especially when it comes to lighting, but stringing some bulbs overhead will ensure a long night of food and chatter. Now for your fancy affair, we must be elegant with natural greens and delicate whites! 

What do you use to impress your guests at dinner?

Friday, April 23, 2010

From Runway to My-way

My boyfriend and I were having a typical discussion last night regarding the $250 million powerball.  We started listing off the various things we would buy with such an amount of cash at our disposal and suddenly, I found myself defending the fact that "I absolutely could spend $1 million on a single shopping trip!" I was appalled that he didn't have that kind of confidence in me. So to reassure him, or maybe myself, I picked out my top five runway purchases, which could very well surmount to $1-mill this season. For when I win powerball, of course.

1. Balmain V-Neck Long Sleeve Dress
                          Zoe Saldana

2. Bottega Veneta Yellow Dress
                             Carey Mulligan (love her!)

3. Gucci Shift Dress
                                   Gemma Arterton

4. Basil Soda Spring Cocktail Dress
                                      Carrie Underwood

5. Burberry Porsum Mint Green Loop Knot Dress

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Some 15 years ago, I remember taking a trip to Washington DC on Earth Day and watching a big floating globe in the air. There were lots of fun eco-crafts and a big quilt that we all signed to support a greener life. From that day on, I have tried my best to reduce my carbon footprint.
A big thing lately, is eco-fashion. Sure, five years ago this meant hemp dresses and patched pants, or something that a wookie (modern hippie who hasn't bathed due to long jam-band tours) would wear at a Phish show. But now, top designers have joined the green movement and started using softened bamboo or silk organza to create gorgeous earth-friendly dresses. 

My favorite eco-designers include,

1. John Patrick for Organic

There are many ways to be more sustainable and earth-friendly. I always remember to recycle or buy reusable containers, my favorite being these and these. I walk whenever and wherever I can to reduce gas emission. I'm a strict vegetarian and I try my best to shop for local or organic products, especially at fun farmer's markets.

How will you protect the Earth?

Check out here, herehere, and here for some great ideas!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Mid-Week Inspiration

Wednesday is a tough day. Yes, we're half-way to Friday but for some reason the hours drag on by. So to quicken up your work week, I thought I'd pass along some lovely ideas to inspire a daydream at 11 a.m...1 p.m... 4:30 p.m....We can do it!

First, the new DwellStudio bedding collection. Gorgeous peacocks in yellow or white!

Next, a Fifi Lapin print! This stylish bunny wears more couture than most can dream.

Up next, a pretty farmhouse kitchen as discovered by the amazing Anne Sage.

A dainty little flower, of course!

And lastly, Chloe's sweet and breezy Summer 2010 runway.

Indulge my daydreamers!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Run, Run, Run, Run, Run Awaaaay!

It's Marathon Monday here in Boston!
 We are up bright and early to go celebrate with the city.
Good luck to all the runners, I'll be cheering for you!
See ya at the finish line!

Happy Patriot's Day Boston!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Riot Review

What a night. Thanks to the amazing folks at Second GlassThe Wine Riot was by far one of the most enjoyable evenings I have had in Boston yet. You can be sure I'll be back for more in October
Accompanied by my brother and two friends, we soaked up the reds and the whites, some pinks and even a few bubbles. The more we drank, the more we learned. I have a whole new appreciation for organic wine after sitting in the "Wines with a Conscience" crash course, hosted by Mendocino Wine Company. After, I went right over to booth #21 to try Yellow + Blue's cabernet. This environmentally friendly boxed-wine (aka, Tetra Pak) reduces their carbon footprint by eliminating gas emission from costly distribution. 
There were 250 wines at the riot and I was determined to try as many as possible. In order to keep pace with the tasting, we hydrated with bottles of Smart Water and nourished with pizza slices from Upper Crust. I even tried some gazpacho soup from Masa, a spicy South End restaurant. 
Second Glass brought more than just food and wine to the table last night. We dressed up in hats and purple boas and held signs to take pictures in their hilarious photo booth. 
We also got tattoos! Don't worry Mom, they're fake. 
It was really hard to decide, but I've created a list of my top five reds and whites to help you out with your next wine purchase. 
The Reds:
5. Inman Family Wines: 2007 OGV Estate $52
4. Yellow + Blue: 2009 Torrontes $12
3. Gilbert Distributors: 2006 Women of the Vine Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon $18
2. Elite Wine Imports: 2008 Carelli 34' Malbec $9
1. Vintage Point: 2007 Joseph Carr Cabernet $20
The Whites:
5. Underdog Wine Merchants: 2006 Helfrich Grand Cru Riesling $22
4. Travessia: 2008 UnOaked Chardonnay $14
3. Terroir Imports: 2008 Calvet Sauvignon Blanc $12 (limited release)
2. Esporao: 2008 Herdade do Esporao Reserva White $20
1. Mionetto: Extra Dry Prosecco $12
Things I learned:
5. I do not like Sherry and I never will.
4. Move over Cabernet, here comes Syrah, Noir, and most definitely, Malbec.
3. I still do not like Merlot and it has nothing to do with Sideways.
2. I like "New World" wines from California best.
(New World refers to countries that recently started making wine, like US, Argentina and Australia)
1. I'm considering a tattoo on my left, non-existent bicep. Probably won't say Wine Riot.

Happy Sipping!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Check Yourself Girl!

I adore plaid. Or check or gingham or tartan or madras...whatever. The pattern, the colors, and the way it looks for a picnic on the Boston Common are all amazing reasons to swoon over this fashion. So let's go pack a basket, I'll bring the sandwiches and you bring the wine? Perfect. Check ya later alligators ;)

Straw Check Clutch, Topshop; Silver Check Set, Anthropologie, Cruiser Dress, Steven Alan; Long Plaid Chain Necklace, Gap; Tartan Hobo, Anthropologie; Giant Gingham Shirt, J.Crew

Friday, April 16, 2010

Polish me Pretty

May is just around the corner and as the days get warmer, the faces get brighter. Come mid-April, the gym seems a little more crowded, tanning salons have those enticing offers, and pre-summer sales suddenly appear all the way down Newbury Street. Maybe your friends have new haircuts, whiter teeth, or those open-toed sling backs you spotted at Aldo's in January.

That's right ladies, it's primping season. Facials, waxes, foils, and most importantly, pedicures. Your nasty feet have been hibernating in those black flats (time to throw those away btw) all winter long and are in desperate need of scrub down. Remove the browns, the grays, the barely-there pinks...brighten up sister!

Here's my top 5 polish picks to be summer-ready:

1. Essie- Tart Deco
2. NARS- Schiap
4. Butter London- Scoundrel
5. Chanel - Nouvelle Vague <---Favorite!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blue Wave Bungalow

I have always dreamt of designing my very own beach house. On my annual Cape Cod vacations, it's tradition to visit the Christmas Tree Shop with Mama Dee and pass aisles of thrifty (sometimes tacky) nautical decorations. From navy striped seat cushions to anchor wall hangings, all that's left is an ocean view and we're ready to move in! The best part of a beach home is the opportunity to be creative.
Don't get me wrong, I love seersucker as much as the next New Englander, but a little sparkle and shine can multiply that sun in your Nantucket abode.
That's why I have fallen in love with Elena Colombo's beach town home. This New York sculptor designed an eclectic mix of blues and reds to rev up her sweet bungalow.
Of course, we mustn't limit our wardrobes to Vineyard Vines and Lily Pulitzer, so I've collaborated some apparel that will make statements on the boardwalk.

Thomas Paul Scrimshaw nautical plates. See by Chloe embroidered dress. Toms gold-glitter shoes. Anthropologie stowaway necklace. Elizabeth & James crystal mini.

See more of this Long Island beach cottage here.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Becoming a Back Bay Yogi

I have always been a closet yogi, practicing child's pose and high-lunges to the MTV Yoga DVD in my living room when no one was home. You know, the one hosted by Lori from Real World: Back to New York? Of course.
I love the idea of yoga because pregnant celebrities swear by it, but despite years of ballet, I am not very graceful and I have little patience. 
Then I move to Boston; home to millions of marathon runners, powerhouse pilates, bikram yogis (bikram?!), and other strange workouts that will blow your mind. I constantly see those yogis carrying their brightly colored mats, eco-friendly water bottles, and dressed head-to-toe in lululemon apparel. How I love that lululemon...
Well not so long ago, the Grown Up Lady and I took a relaxing yoga class at Brookline's own, Studio, sponsored by the awesome folks at SBS. Carly is a yoga newbie like myself, and we were happy to see many of our classmates shared our newbie-ness. Between the stretching, the meditation, and my purple Calvin Klein yoga pants, I was at my utmost comfort. I knew I had fallen under the yoga spell, and it wasn't just the lavender aromas. 
A month later, I am craving some more "Namaste" in stretchy pants. My mission: a not-so-intimidating studio with fun instructors for an affordable price. I guess I'm on a mission to find my "Chakra." This, friends, is not easy in Boston. I loved the Studio, but for the price, I'd like something a bit bigger. I have picked out five studios and plan to visit each within the next two weeks to test them out, get a vibe, and find a price!

My Picks:
1. Boston Body
2. Bikram Yoga Boston
3. B Yoga Center
4. Baptiste Power Yoga
5. OMBE Center

Are any of you expert yogis that can lend me some advice on this search?