Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Wine Riot

Ok so I know I've been talking champagne and orange juice, but another thing you should know is that somehow, by age 22, I have managed to establish myself a full-blown wine snob. I blame my mother. She's so picky about her wine that if she opens up a well-reviewed, nicely priced Malbec and discovers "it doesn't sit right on her palette" it will move right next to our stove, only to be used in meat reductions. I never meant to turn out this way. In fact, I used to drink wine out of a box! "Blasphemy," my mother would snub.
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In my high taste of the grape, I'm excited to announce a very special event in Boston on April 16th & 17th. The Wine Riot, hosted by Second Glass, is an expo-style wine tasting bringing old and new winos to sample over 250 wines from around the world! The riot will take place at Cyclorama in trendy South End. On Friday, April 16, check out "Night of the Bubbles" from 7-11pm, exploring sparkling wine, champagne, cava, prosecco, and more. Since you had so much fun on Friday, you'll want to come back on Saturday, April 17, for two doses of the riot at 1-5pm and 7-11pm. Grab your tickets at www.thewineriot.com/tickets.
The event features crash course seminars with wine experts, tasty food pairings from local eats, a live DJ, a photobooth (to beam your red-stained teeth), the Gold Sparkler Lounge, free schwag, and more. The best part if you go, you might catch my mother feeding the experts some advice. So if you're a wine-snob like me or maybe just a wannabe, this is where we should meet. See you there!

Check out this DIY wine bottle light!

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