Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Some 15 years ago, I remember taking a trip to Washington DC on Earth Day and watching a big floating globe in the air. There were lots of fun eco-crafts and a big quilt that we all signed to support a greener life. From that day on, I have tried my best to reduce my carbon footprint.
A big thing lately, is eco-fashion. Sure, five years ago this meant hemp dresses and patched pants, or something that a wookie (modern hippie who hasn't bathed due to long jam-band tours) would wear at a Phish show. But now, top designers have joined the green movement and started using softened bamboo or silk organza to create gorgeous earth-friendly dresses. 

My favorite eco-designers include,

1. John Patrick for Organic

There are many ways to be more sustainable and earth-friendly. I always remember to recycle or buy reusable containers, my favorite being these and these. I walk whenever and wherever I can to reduce gas emission. I'm a strict vegetarian and I try my best to shop for local or organic products, especially at fun farmer's markets.

How will you protect the Earth?

Check out here, herehere, and here for some great ideas!

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