Monday, April 12, 2010

Becoming a Back Bay Yogi

I have always been a closet yogi, practicing child's pose and high-lunges to the MTV Yoga DVD in my living room when no one was home. You know, the one hosted by Lori from Real World: Back to New York? Of course.
I love the idea of yoga because pregnant celebrities swear by it, but despite years of ballet, I am not very graceful and I have little patience. 
Then I move to Boston; home to millions of marathon runners, powerhouse pilates, bikram yogis (bikram?!), and other strange workouts that will blow your mind. I constantly see those yogis carrying their brightly colored mats, eco-friendly water bottles, and dressed head-to-toe in lululemon apparel. How I love that lululemon...
Well not so long ago, the Grown Up Lady and I took a relaxing yoga class at Brookline's own, Studio, sponsored by the awesome folks at SBS. Carly is a yoga newbie like myself, and we were happy to see many of our classmates shared our newbie-ness. Between the stretching, the meditation, and my purple Calvin Klein yoga pants, I was at my utmost comfort. I knew I had fallen under the yoga spell, and it wasn't just the lavender aromas. 
A month later, I am craving some more "Namaste" in stretchy pants. My mission: a not-so-intimidating studio with fun instructors for an affordable price. I guess I'm on a mission to find my "Chakra." This, friends, is not easy in Boston. I loved the Studio, but for the price, I'd like something a bit bigger. I have picked out five studios and plan to visit each within the next two weeks to test them out, get a vibe, and find a price!

My Picks:
1. Boston Body
2. Bikram Yoga Boston
3. B Yoga Center
4. Baptiste Power Yoga
5. OMBE Center

Are any of you expert yogis that can lend me some advice on this search?

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  1. I love Yoga, and have taken a few classes here and there. I took one for free at Salem State College (right outside boston) and thought it was so awesome. Just a bunch of people at all different levels.

    At the moment I am not in a place where there are two many yoga classes around me... so I have been doing Namaste yoga on FitTV and I really love it. One of the best TV workouts I have done. If you get a chance to try it or tape it, its on in the morning hours. You can also buy the DVDs

    Good luck, and remember just have fun!