Thursday, April 29, 2010

Table Talk

I've recently become enamored with table settings. I'm fascinated with the creativity that transcends a dinner party to a more romantic, eccentric, or relaxing atmosphere. The strong use of centerpieces, candles, linens, and the general decor of a room can change your entire dining experience. What's more, is that you can do this all yourself. Picking wildflowers to place in a mason jar or an old tea tin with draped lights or dramatic tapers for a special glow, can make your table unique and memorable for your guests.

Here are some of my favorite table designs from Once Wed:
I have always been a fond of paper lanterns around a table, like the ones in our first photo. I think it creates this magical orient to an evening. Do you not love the idea of canvas covered haystacks for seats?! So cozy and fun. In the third photo, the mix-matched plates and colorful quilts make for a light-hearted picnic with friends. I have never been a fan of pink decorations, but I think the fuchsia napkins and bright gerber daisies are exactly what the rustic design in our fourth table needed. Outdoor dinners can be difficult, especially when it comes to lighting, but stringing some bulbs overhead will ensure a long night of food and chatter. Now for your fancy affair, we must be elegant with natural greens and delicate whites! 

What do you use to impress your guests at dinner?


  1. love the first line, middle picture.

  2. canvas covered haybales... genius! simpler really is better, no?