Thursday, April 8, 2010

Books & Blouses

When Boston hits 89 degrees like it did yesterday, there's one thing on my mind...a pretty beach house. Unfortunately, the closest I can get to an escape right now is through a book or a trip to Anthropologie. Which is why today's topic matches lovely, breezy blouses with some exciting must-reads. So while the weather heats up and we're wishing to be beachside, just join me on the sofa with some iced tea, crisp embroidery, and The Selby!


Books from top: The Selby; $35.00, Annie Liebovitz At Work; $40.00, Treasure Island; $20.00, The Picture of Dorian Gray; $20.00, Emily Post's Etiquette; $39.99

Anthropologie blouses from top: Banderole Tank$98.00, Floating Fronds Blouse; $98.00, Fissured Shell; $98.00, To The Sun Blouse; $78.00, Anthurium Blouse; $88.00

1 comment:

  1. Great books! I love books with unique covers :)