Friday, April 23, 2010

From Runway to My-way

My boyfriend and I were having a typical discussion last night regarding the $250 million powerball.  We started listing off the various things we would buy with such an amount of cash at our disposal and suddenly, I found myself defending the fact that "I absolutely could spend $1 million on a single shopping trip!" I was appalled that he didn't have that kind of confidence in me. So to reassure him, or maybe myself, I picked out my top five runway purchases, which could very well surmount to $1-mill this season. For when I win powerball, of course.

1. Balmain V-Neck Long Sleeve Dress
                          Zoe Saldana

2. Bottega Veneta Yellow Dress
                             Carey Mulligan (love her!)

3. Gucci Shift Dress
                                   Gemma Arterton

4. Basil Soda Spring Cocktail Dress
                                      Carrie Underwood

5. Burberry Porsum Mint Green Loop Knot Dress

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