Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Sunday Soundtrack

1. Sibylle Baier- Tonight
2. Bon Iver- The Wolves (Act I & II)
3. Feist- Brandy Alexander
4. Belle & Sebastian- Seeing Other People
5. Wilco- You Are My Face
6. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals- The Hardest Part
7. Amos Lee- Skipping Stone
8. Elvis Perkins- Doomsday
9. The Flaming Lips- In the Morning of the Magicians
10. Liz Longley- Annabelle
11. My Morning Jacket- Oh! Sweet Nothin'
12. Radiohead- Faust Arp
13. Yo La Tengo- Our Way to Fall
14. Yael Naim- Lonely
15. Willy Mason- Where the Humans Eat
16. Tom Waits- Way Down in the Hole (87)
17. The Beta Band- She's the One
18. Grizzly Bear- While You Wait for Others
19. Beirut- Nantes
20. Tom Petty- Square One

{Feist::Brandy Alexander}

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