Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sealed & Knotted

Hey there, lovely ones. Festival season is upon us. After much debate, my bros and I made the painstaking decision of choosing 3 local festies (one, two and three) rather than 1 far and epic (and surely expensive). One of the most amusing parts of the summer concert series is people watching. Street style in Manhattan has nothing on a Further show in Bridgeport, CT.
As nutty as these folks can be, I also find them quite trendy. Most recently, I've picked back up on the 6th grade trend of friendship bracelets. That's right, everyone seems to be piling on the brightly colored chinese staircase. I love it.
Unfortunately, I was never talented in the DIY jewelry business. I darted at the call of arts & crafts in  summer camp so now I seriously suck at all things string, gimp or hemp. But when in need of the beautiful and handmade, the artistically challenged always have our etsy heaven right? I found some beautifully pieces by Gold Hearted. My favorite being this:
The description says it's a classy update on the sailors knot and being a sentimental New Englander, I think they're right. Maybe I can convince my boyfriend to buy one since he's still rockin' the touristy sailor's weave I bought him from Hawaii. Yes, 5 months adds strange colors and smells to those things. For my color fix, I'm crushing Kaliste's etsy shop. Isn't this one amazing?
Refinery 29 just published a great article on these trendy pieces. Although personally, I'm not willing to spend $200 big ones on something my etsy heros can craft up for my ladies and I and all our summer adventures! 

Photos found on weheartit.com