Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Painted Beauty

I can still remember the very first Bonnie Bell lip gloss I bought and cherished in 3rd grade. It sparkled, it shined, but tasted delicious. Growing up I was fascinated by makeup. I thought it was some mysterious art form that transformed you like a mood ring.
 A little older, I can reflect back. I have experimented with the sparkle sticks, the white eyeliner, the blue eyeliner, the sun-in and everything else cheap and promising for an adolescent at CVS.
But let's be honest. At the end of the day, there's nothing quite like that amazing cleanser to wipe it all away. Keeping that much product in tact is exhausting! Amazingly enough, I've learned to minimize my life in the beauty department and leave the bright eyes, dark lips, or baby doll cheeks for special occasions.  
That in no way means I love makeup any less. Seriously, I mean look at these ladies- blue eyes, yellow eyes, rhinestone eyes! It's a fabulously gorgeous art that I will continue to drool over.
For now, I'll savor my extra minutes of sleep and share with you my top beauty products to keep your bag light and your skin bright!

Top 3:
1. Tarte- ReCreate Anti-Aging Foundation SPF 15 in Ivory $37
2. NARS- Bronzing Powder in Laguna $32
3. Lancome- Hypnose Drama Full Body Mascara in Excessive Black $24.50

1. Sephora Collection- Eyeshadow in Must Have (matte black) for eyeliner $12
2. Sephora Collection- Blush Me! in Rose Rebelle $12
3. MAC- Lipstick in Snob $14.50

Skin Care:
Philosophy! I swear you will love it. My college roomie introduced me to Hope in a Jar and I've been hooked ever since. 
1. Purity Face Wash- 8 oz $20
2. Serum- $38.00
3. Moisturize- $28.00
4. Eye Cream- $48.00

Photos from A Painted Face.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Keep Me Warm by ZARA

Funny story. Last March, when I went here, I left my beautiful gray Peacoat somewhere between Boston and Mexico. No, I can't tell you how one loses a coat. No worries back then but now it's freezing and I need warm solutions! I stumbled upon ZARA's site and found an unbelievable stock of coats. Unfortunately, as one of my girls of girls informed me, they have no online shop (seriously zar zar?) so I'll be taking a trip to the City real soon to do the required purchasing.

Here's my Top 5:

 Check them out here! But remember, you'll need to head to your nearest Zara, which I'm assuming isn't very near unless you're very lucky, if you'd like to take it to the next level.

I'm bound to end up with #3 or #4, but let me tell you, I would kill to rock #5 with her fire engine red cigarette jeans.

Stay warm this week lovelies and enjoy your Sunday!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wild, Wild Weather Days

The Sartorialist {leopard pumps}
The bitter cold of Fall has set in and more layers have appeared on my back, but it's that time of year when I notice everyone is having just a little more fun with their outfits. We think, "I need to stay warm." So we start with the classic cardi tied up in that scarf on top of the tweed skirt and of course you need those patterned tights all finished off with the ever-dependable boots. It's like survival of the most styled.
Rosie Huntington Whiteley {leopard jacket}
But come November, what's more fun than tweed and thigh-highs? Yes, a little animal print to throw your conservative closet a pre-holiday curve ball.  And as promised here, it's 'bout time for some leopard. The faux kind, I like my leopards live and growling in the jungle...far away from me. 
Keira Knightley {leopard scarf}
The girls around London seem to do the faux fur best. Note Rosie, Keira, and Alexa. My college roomie snagged the very best jacket at London's Portobello Road Market and I'm forever envious for not picking one up myself. If you happen to be strolling through and spot a Merlot colored cropped bomber, just send me the bill! Markets and vintage shops are a great place to find leopard print pieces since it was so big in the 80s and now making a comeback in such a fun way. 
After many hours snug in my new bed doing some online browsing, I've come across some amazing leopard pieces that I had to share with you. I think it will be refreshing to set aside my black pashmina  for awhile and trade it in for something jazzier during these wild weather days.
Wild, Wild Weather Days  
4. Animal Pumps- $90 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Interview: Brooklyn Designer, Lauren Nevada

I am so excited to introduce the talented Lauren Nevada and her covetable line that has me desiring a spontaneous trip to Paris, stat. Miss Nevada is based out of Brooklyn spreading her line in Barneys locations across the country. Lucky for my Boston readers, she just launched at Copley Place this summer! Having studied fashion in two of the world's greatest fashion monuments, Paris and Rome, Lauren has a knack for color, quality and feminine cuts. Her pieces are a dreamlike sophistication making an easy transition from work to play. With all of her incredible experience, I'm so happy Lauren stopped by to offer up her fashion insight!

What defines your style philosophy?
The woman who has many interests and is very involved in everything around her. Someone who reads esoteric books, cooks, decorates her own furniture, organizes gardening parties or listens to historic music. I love the idea that each person can be so individual and extreme in their own personality and can be energized by this.
Favorite place to shop?
Vintage and second hand stores.
Beauty secret?
Your favorite color and why?
Lavender actually. It can be so many different things, it is a very specific color yet it is all around us and often goes unnoticed.
You have 15 minutes until happy hour with the girls. You look in your closet, there’s nothing to wear- a working girl’s m.o. What do you put together?
When in doubt keep the outfit simple, this way people will have to take a closer look to get to know you and this makes for an interesting evening.
Who (or what) has inspired your fashion career?
Hard to say… although I had a great black and white picture of Coco Chanel with model Suzy Parker on my wall growing up. I found it in a Vogue magazine and popped it in an extra frame with some brown velvet fabric behind it.
What was the greatest advice you were ever given?
My grandmother never stopped telling me how strong women are. This probably played a very large role in my childhood.
Describe your perfect day.
It would be a mixture of good food, time with friends and a nap. It would involve several outfit changes, some exercise and good music if I can fit that in as well.
What should a girl never be without?
A good book to pull out and read whenever things get boring.
Where do you see yourself and your line in 5 years?
Hopefully still having as much fun with it as I am now. I hope to be traveling more often and doing more collaborations with artists each season. Bringing different creative people together is so rewarding, hopefully this is something that I can continue to build on.
Thanks Lauren!
Check out more of Lauren Nevada's amazing styles at and be sure to click over to her Projects to see what she's whipping up next! Looks like a trip to Paris to me:).

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Funday

I have to admit, I've never been a fan of Sundays. Since my school days when it meant a long week of early rises and boring classes, that lingering sensation that Monday is just around the corner, I could never fully enjoy the so-called "Day of Rest."
Then this thing called Football entered my life. Yeah, I heard of it. I even attended those parties for that Superbowl a few times, but I thought I was watching commercials not Clash of the Titans. Last year I was never introduced to the Sunday games because my guy actually went to a game every. single. freaking. Sunday.
Now it has become a mandated Sunday activity. And Monday. And sometimes Thursday nights. So in my efforts to better enjoy my Sundays at the new apartment and wholeheartedly embrace Football, I have decided to throwback to the nostalgic Americana dream. Football Parties.
I'm looking forward to fountains of Budweiser, gourmet pizza, the spiciest wings (serious bad call on the white couch), all to be outfitted in Jerseys and some competitive screaming matches. Despite all my efforts, my guy tells me the television is the most important part. So, I'll probably need to replace my enormous 1996 Hitachi with one of these. See you at game time!

I would love to spend my Sundays hiking the Colorado Mountains. Photos taken by friend, Tiffany Lutke.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Evenin' Pumpkins! Many exciting things happening over here in the otherwise boring CT. On Friday, I made the big move out of Mama Dee's Litchfield nest to my very first apartment! Of course the adjustment will be no great feat since I'm still living with big bro Timmy and I've only jumped about 30 minutes away, but I'm feeling like a grown up already.
{navajo prints}
Now, do trust, I've been all over the web (especially here and here and here) looking for inspiration to help jazz up my new digs. Unfortunately, I find myself being terribly conservative. I already purchased a white sofa, here. Wait, did I mention I'm living with big mess Timmy? Bad choice lil' sis.
{le creuset, le mieux miellure!
Then I have another piece in gray and a little cream to hang off the windows. So I guess I'm off to accessorize with color. Reds? Blues? Greens? Tell me designers, what do you think?!

I'm tap-typing away to you on a bare naked desk with a spare dining room chair and absolutely no flowers or photos or glimmer of pretty dainty daydreams. I hope to fix that with the color issue pronto!
{well seated to stay seated}
Well friends, I'm off to wrap up in a new throw blanket because it's fuhreeezing up in here. Not to worry, I'm loving every bit of it. That heating bill? It's all mine.

If it crosses your mind, please feel free to toss me some ideas or photos for design-spiration. My place could really use some of your love!