Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Funday

I have to admit, I've never been a fan of Sundays. Since my school days when it meant a long week of early rises and boring classes, that lingering sensation that Monday is just around the corner, I could never fully enjoy the so-called "Day of Rest."
Then this thing called Football entered my life. Yeah, I heard of it. I even attended those parties for that Superbowl a few times, but I thought I was watching commercials not Clash of the Titans. Last year I was never introduced to the Sunday games because my guy actually went to a game every. single. freaking. Sunday.
Now it has become a mandated Sunday activity. And Monday. And sometimes Thursday nights. So in my efforts to better enjoy my Sundays at the new apartment and wholeheartedly embrace Football, I have decided to throwback to the nostalgic Americana dream. Football Parties.
I'm looking forward to fountains of Budweiser, gourmet pizza, the spiciest wings (serious bad call on the white couch), all to be outfitted in Jerseys and some competitive screaming matches. Despite all my efforts, my guy tells me the television is the most important part. So, I'll probably need to replace my enormous 1996 Hitachi with one of these. See you at game time!

I would love to spend my Sundays hiking the Colorado Mountains. Photos taken by friend, Tiffany Lutke.

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