Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Evenin' Pumpkins! Many exciting things happening over here in the otherwise boring CT. On Friday, I made the big move out of Mama Dee's Litchfield nest to my very first apartment! Of course the adjustment will be no great feat since I'm still living with big bro Timmy and I've only jumped about 30 minutes away, but I'm feeling like a grown up already.
{navajo prints}
Now, do trust, I've been all over the web (especially here and here and here) looking for inspiration to help jazz up my new digs. Unfortunately, I find myself being terribly conservative. I already purchased a white sofa, here. Wait, did I mention I'm living with big mess Timmy? Bad choice lil' sis.
{le creuset, le mieux miellure!
Then I have another piece in gray and a little cream to hang off the windows. So I guess I'm off to accessorize with color. Reds? Blues? Greens? Tell me designers, what do you think?!

I'm tap-typing away to you on a bare naked desk with a spare dining room chair and absolutely no flowers or photos or glimmer of pretty dainty daydreams. I hope to fix that with the color issue pronto!
{well seated to stay seated}
Well friends, I'm off to wrap up in a new throw blanket because it's fuhreeezing up in here. Not to worry, I'm loving every bit of it. That heating bill? It's all mine.

If it crosses your mind, please feel free to toss me some ideas or photos for design-spiration. My place could really use some of your love!

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  1. I think a nice vintage green tablecloth from great grandma will help!