Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Painted Beauty

I can still remember the very first Bonnie Bell lip gloss I bought and cherished in 3rd grade. It sparkled, it shined, but tasted delicious. Growing up I was fascinated by makeup. I thought it was some mysterious art form that transformed you like a mood ring.
 A little older, I can reflect back. I have experimented with the sparkle sticks, the white eyeliner, the blue eyeliner, the sun-in and everything else cheap and promising for an adolescent at CVS.
But let's be honest. At the end of the day, there's nothing quite like that amazing cleanser to wipe it all away. Keeping that much product in tact is exhausting! Amazingly enough, I've learned to minimize my life in the beauty department and leave the bright eyes, dark lips, or baby doll cheeks for special occasions.  
That in no way means I love makeup any less. Seriously, I mean look at these ladies- blue eyes, yellow eyes, rhinestone eyes! It's a fabulously gorgeous art that I will continue to drool over.
For now, I'll savor my extra minutes of sleep and share with you my top beauty products to keep your bag light and your skin bright!

Top 3:
1. Tarte- ReCreate Anti-Aging Foundation SPF 15 in Ivory $37
2. NARS- Bronzing Powder in Laguna $32
3. Lancome- Hypnose Drama Full Body Mascara in Excessive Black $24.50

1. Sephora Collection- Eyeshadow in Must Have (matte black) for eyeliner $12
2. Sephora Collection- Blush Me! in Rose Rebelle $12
3. MAC- Lipstick in Snob $14.50

Skin Care:
Philosophy! I swear you will love it. My college roomie introduced me to Hope in a Jar and I've been hooked ever since. 
1. Purity Face Wash- 8 oz $20
2. Serum- $38.00
3. Moisturize- $28.00
4. Eye Cream- $48.00

Photos from A Painted Face.

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