Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Break

In a moment of weakness I couldn't help but brag to my "older" friend that the highs all next week are to be "85 degrees babyyy!" She simply put me back in my place by replying, "shut up, College girl." At this I realized, not for long. This might very well be my last spring break and of course I'm doing it in the most stereotypical way--Cancun. Although, after venturing to Spain last year during my semester abroad, I'm perfectly ok with an all-inclusive party in Mexico right here. One full week of beach, sun, salsa, and Coronas with a group of amazing people is exactly what I need before graduation.
So what does one need when Cancun-bound? Here's what will be checked in my luggage.

1. Sunscreen SPF 45 - Unlike previous spring breaks, I have neglected the pre-vacation tanning. I have become very serious about skincare lately and I'm praying I don't get burned this week. I like NO-AD because it's water-resistant, UVA/UVB protection, and it's only $10 for 16 oz.

2. Havianas- My favorite black sandals with the brazilian flag. My sandals broke in Rome last year because of the dreaded cobblestone and I was forced to buy these. Do you hear me? Forced! If it weren't for the snow I never would have taken them off. I plan on wearing my old reliable saucony's to the airport and these the rest of the week!

3. St. Ives Apricot Scrub- Nothing gets the sea and salty air off like this inexpensive facial scrub. I love it and use it religiously.

4. Sedu Sea Salt Spray- I hate showering after the beach because I love how my hair looks after the wind, the salt, and the sun. But, I know that in all other ways it is just gross. So my solution on vacation? Sedu! A magical spray that puts healthy ingredients in your hair replicating your previous beach blown look.

5. Sunglasses- So even though I raved about my favorites here, this terrible thing happened! Somehow, after booking a trip to Mexico, purchasing my Senior Commencement Ball ticket, and celebrating numerous February birthdays, my bank account is completely empty! I can't believe it either. So when I run home to Connecticut tomorrow, I will find sunglasses on a budget and I can't wait to tell you all about them. Hopefully they'll look something like a RayBan replica.

Of course I'll be throwing some other things in my obvious "I'm-from-Connecticut" Vera Bradley Duffel, like...
- Water-proof mascara. I'm hoping with a little tan this will be all the makeup I'll need.
- 2 Bikinis (one black, one polka dot)
- Sundresses galore!
- Tote bag and Clutch (one for day, one for night)
- Aquaphor. My lifesaving healing ointment for dry skin anywhere.
- A hat. I'm on a search for a floppy or a fedora, but stylish sun protection is a must!
- My favorite James Jeans, just in case.
- One sweater, just in case.
- Mixes to match with. I'll be bringing a lot of dependable neatural colors.
- Accesories! I hear the jewlery markets in Mexico are amazing. Since I am passed the hair braiding phase, I might indulge.
Any recommendations before take off?

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