Friday, March 12, 2010

A Week in Paradise

Hello friends! I have safely arrived back to the states after an amazing and relaxing week in Mexico. My resort was beautiful and the ocean was incredible except for a brief moment of panic after realizing I was caught in the riptide. The group was a blast, always up for anything whether it was choreographing a synchronized swim or holding a monkey. Other times we would go to sleep at 9:30 or watch episodes of Las Vegas in our hotel room. It never really mattered because we were together and that, mixed with sunshine, made the trip amazing. Overall, spring break was way better than MTV ever let on. Although I am sweetly refreshed after seven days napping poolside, I find myself quite travel hazy and unsurprisingly sun-scorched, despite excessive use of the No-Ad. So tonight I must be brief and hope tomorrow to jump right back into things because I have so much to talk about! Also, I'd like to welcome all my new friends and thank you so much for following!

Here's a peek at my week on the beach:

{Veronica & Cait sipping on drinks that match their suits!}
{A baby tiger!}
{Some crazy Iguana dragon just walking around...}
{Christine, Carley, Kate, Me, and Darren!}
{Darren & Veronica, synchronized swimming of course}
{Kate holding the monkey!}
I couldn't resist to add a bit of fashion. Our last night we visited La Isla for shopping and dinner when we stumbled upon this. The store's design, book shelves of denim, a velvet sofa, and chandeliers is enough to satisfy your visit, but the clothing is another. I highly recommend doing some online shopping at Rhapsody for additions to your summer closet. 

Chat soon!

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  1. Wow, I love those photos of the beach and the ocean! Is that a real baby tiger? Glad to hear you had a grat tiime. Napping by the pool, sounds like paradise!