Friday, March 26, 2010

The Plant Parade

An hour ago, there were flurries outside my stuffy window. Yes, on the streets of Boston, on this almost April morning, it was snowing. After days of ranting and raving about the upcoming warm weather and overly anticipating for spring I was kicked back to quiet down, this is New England after all. So on this 36 degree day (ouch), I can't hep but think of a story I heard over at Grown Up Lady Me. My friend Carly told a tale, in that amazing way she does, about a little girl walking with her mom on a shockingly nice Boston afternoon. This optimistic and awesomely imaginative youngin'  suddenly exclaimed, "in the summertime, all the plants are going to come up and march down the sidewalks with me." Can you imagine? A plant parade we shall call it, little girl! I can't wait. You need to read the rest of Carly's story here. (p.s. it's her birthday, so shout her out!)

March on sweet colors!
You will lead the group right next to Little Miss and Grown Up Lady Me
Join the parade pretty Dahlia, all flower lovers are also tea-drinkers!
This would not be so spectacular without A Secret Garden
Lots and lots of colors
Mystical law: People crave happiness, freedom, and peace of mind
It's almost Easter, of course we need you
And some Cadillac blue for the dance party at the end!
Time to pack up the plant parade and head back to snowy Boston!

The beautiful and inspirational Grown Up Lady Me! 

You know, she modeled here

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