Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Joplin Fringe

I have always admired those girls that look effortlessly boho. They're like a little bit Miller, a little bit Olsen, but whether they know it or not, a whole lot Joplin and Baez. Much of my style amounts from the music I'm currently obsessing over (see right column for clues). Unfortunately, living in a dorm sometimes means not listening a whole lot during those wee hours, so lately my outfits have been a bit quiet. But since Boston's current fixation is the "drowned-rat" look, I haven't much to worry.
{hippie strangers, circa 1969}
Once my schizo city decides to put on a happy grin and shine some pretty rays, I plan on blasting some Bobby McGee and rocking the fringe. See, I'm convinced that fringe is the key. Janis did it, Joan did it, and now, so are Sienna and Mary-Kate. They also add lots and lots of suh-weet accessories. Need em? Well Etsy's a great place to start, because you'll never find another Ram Ring like this. For less expensive finds there's always that reliable Forever 21. For quirky discoveries with old stories, head to a nearby thrift store...a lesson G-Ma Murphy taught me and I am not soon to forget.

For my first fringe purchase, I am adoring these:

The Fringed MacAllister Boot from J.Crew and at $158, I probably shouldn't bring them through the mud here or here, as much as I'd like to. 


  1. OMG I actually wore these things back in the dark ages!

  2. I have never been a fan of fringe but its really growing on me this year! I keep seeing it everywhere and I think some fringe will be in my closet soon :)