Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rock Down To Electric Avenue

Last season, when brights and neons were all the rage, I was off searching for ear plugs to block the screaming sounds of Cutting Crew and Huey Lewis. For some reason I could accept leggings, but electric pink was taking it too far back to 1988. Now this year, I'm just craving warm weather so I can paint on some ecstatic purple polish. I have no reasoning behind my sudden change of heart, but I think it has something to do with a trip to Mexico and a whole lot of yappy sorority girls from Minnesota. These girls made a shocking yellow swim suit hot and fun, not like Jessie from Saved By The Bell with a scrunchie. So come 70 degrees, I'm going to take a walk down Electric Avenue, even if I'm holding hands with Eddy Grant in 1982, and pray it wasn't just the heat of Cancun or too many Margaritas.

Find the best neon polishes by Barry M Nail Paint

Deep In My Heart I'm A Warrior
Electric Avenue
1. Alexander McQueen Skull Tank- $225
2. Old Navy Neon-Piped String Bikini- $17 top/$17 bottom
3.James Jeans in Twiggy Jean Alto- $155
4. Keds Champion in Multi Neon Lace Up- $22
5. Michael Kods Runway Clutch- $600
6. Old Navy Neon Digital Sports Watch- $11
7. Kirra 5 On Card Metal Headband- $6.50
8. Jack Martin Bueller Neon Sunglasses- $13
9. MAC 'Viva Glam VII' Lady Gaga Lipstick- $14
10. Barry M Nail Paint Shocking Pink- $4.34


  1. Jessie Spano was fun and hot! When she wasn't taking caffeine pills :)

  2. Oh what a lovely header image! I love elephants! They're so cute! I really like the enamels u have posted, what colours!
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