Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mad as a Hatter

I finally saw Alice in Wonderland last night and despite contradictory reviews, I thought it was wonderful! Johnny Depp was, of course, amazing as the Mad Hatter and Mia Wasikowska was positively stunning, a perfect Alice. Tim Burton put his imagination to the ultimate test in creating a genius Wonderland and all the characters fit beautifully with those in Lewis Carroll's story. Two things I could have done without, the 3D and Anne Hathaway. Never truly been a fan of either, but neither forced a turnoff. If you have not seen Alice in Wonderland yet, I highly recommend it for an evening escape!
My dear friend, Betsy, has created her Wonderland on polyvore and I just can't get enough of Alice's dress! I'm dying to throw a Mad Hatter Tea, complete with costumes, vintage tea cups, a few pots of gin-infused tea dangling notes, "Drink Me," and of course a croquet game.  I just need some Wonderland weather for this outdoor occasion!
Betsy's Wonderland


  1. Yay I'm really glad to hear a good review. I love Alice in Wonderland and I've been debating about seeing this movie, since I really don't want the movie to ruin the book for me. Actually speaking of Anne Hathaway, she totally ruined Ella Enchanted for me. That movie tried to be a feel good rom-com, but that's not how the book was at all! I think Ella Enchanted is pretty similar to Alice in Wonderland in that it's fantastic and somewhat dark at the same time. I'll definitely give Alice in Wonderland a try though and see what I think.

  2. That is so funny you brought up Ella Enchanted! I loved the book but I was sooo disappointed with the movie. Let me know what you think of Alice!