Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dependable Trend:: The Ballerina Bun

After lazy lounging all day (Happy Veterans Day!) with my roommate, I found myself running late for an afternoon model fitting for the upcoming Proxy fashion show. I jumped out of the shower and scrambled for makeup and a considerably cute outfit. But, as all girls with long hair can relate, the thought of doing my dreadfully long and knotty waves was daunting.Typically, it takes about 20 minutes to blow dry, with an additional 10-15 if I decide to straighten. Normally air drying is ok, but Beantown has been championing the chance of snow and with flu season in full swing, I refuse to take any risks with a wet do. So I reached back to my 15 years of dance recitals and during my quick mental slideshow of leotards, point shoes, and leg warmers, came the Ballerina bun! A simply elegant solution to anyone short on time and long on hair!

Maybe the real reason celebrities wear buns is because they run late too! Or their hair stylist just quit.

The Bun in everyday...

(The Sartorialist)

My Favorite Buns...

So pull it tight, twist however you like, and prepare to pirouette into a beautiful day! I'm also never opposed to leotards, leg warmers, ballet flats, or even...a tutu. Be Elegant. xx!


  1. i love a bun. right on the top of my head. its so girlie borderline silly/too little girl. i'm wearing mine now. i have no idea how i just ran over your blog, but so far, i like :)