Friday, November 13, 2009

Prom Prep

Currently prepping for Boston University's "Comm Prom!" No, unfortunately that does not include fake nails, an unnatural up-do, tanning, or the bright-green, lollipop dress I wore Junior year of high school (think green M&M, except not as hot). But, I do get to squeeze into the black pencil skirt I purchased from Anthropologie with its elegant ruched-pocket detail. I'm wearing black tights because I'm not brave enough to bare the cold November night like some other girls. I've pulled out my dependable scrunchy, black tank to wear underneath my faux leather jacket. And I have complimented the double black top and bottom with my roommate's thick, sea-foam belt. Tying it all together are my surprisingly comfortable, Steve Madden peep-toe pumps. I guess this isn't very promy, I wish I had some tulle to throw under this skirt or something! Anyways, Gaga's helping out with some of my old dance moves. I think she pulls out a mix between Madonna, a little Thriller, and a splash of Flashdance, with that jog-in-place move.

Happy Weekend!

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