Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm Late, I'm Late, I'm Late, For a Very Important Date!

It seems it has been an unspoken rule within the Puritan roots of this nation, to avoid the concept of tardiness throughout our daily affairs. As technology has proven a tricky component to be 100% reliable, with electricity stopping and starting at its convenience, or the invention of hairdryers and their blasted ways of blowing fuses, clocks just sometimes fail us. Not to mention the idea that the "master" clock in your bosses office, a classroom, or your mom's antique watch, don't always tick exactly with the beat of your cell phone leaving you constantly late. In all your efforts to stay on time, whether it be leaving early, only to have the train be delayed, or setting your clocks 10 minutes ahead, until you figure out your own tricks, you wind up behind. So how do we settle this? We don't. Embrace that you are a lady of late-ness but do it with grace. How? With one of these stylish watches. And if your quick enough, set it back a few minutes to prove to your annoyed mother that you did leave with enough time to meet her for your manicure date.

1. Michael Kors- Brown Leather D-Ring Watch

2. Michael Kors- Horn Jet Set Watch
3. Fossil  - Chronograph White Dial

4. Kenneth Cole - Men's New York Rose Gold Color Chronograph

5. Timex- Military Watch

If it's not evident by the pictures, I adore big faced watches and if the women's collection aren't big enough for me I have no problem searching in the men's. The best spots to look? Through your Boyfriend, Dad, or Grandfather's jewelry. What's better than a gorgeous watch with added sentimental value?


  1. I love big faced watches too. Very cool title of posting. I am feeling the fossil watch.

  2. love the first one! but my current obsession is to have a casio in gold colour!

  3. Ohh the Casio is lovely! I just tried on the Kors D-Ring during a recent "window" shopping endeavor and it is extremely comfortable. I'm thinking it's a must for the holiday wish list :). Thanks for the comments!