Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head

Just woke up to the heavenly sound of raindrops pounding on the Boston pavement. I used to dread the thought of walking outside on a day like this, it meant sopping hair and soaked pant hems, leaving me cold and annoyed for the remainder of the day. But, since investing in my amazing Hunter Wellies, I fear nothing!

So, to avoid this...

I recommend styling up in a pair of these...

Just choose your color and you can start looking like one of your favorite stars...

Rachel Bilson wearing the new Jimmy Choo edition of the Hunter Wellies (she's so chic!)

Mary Kate Olsen looking very Karl Lagerfeld in her Black & White

Angelina Jolie with hubby, Brad Pitt, showing off their "red-hot" couple status.

Kate Moss, a devoted Hunter fan. The boots are perfect for outlasting muddy grounds.

Anne Hathaway, always classy by pairing her wellies with an all-weather trench.

Kelly Rowland, looking orange-dorable!

Nicole Richie, keeping her and baby Harlow nice and dry!

Michelle Williams puts daughter, Matilda, in itty-bitty pink wellies.

Here are my Hunters! I chose to not wear my fleece liners because it was fairly warm, but the Fleece Welly Socks are a great option to keep your toes extra cozy and add some detail to the boot!

Hunter Wellingtons- $115
Fleece Welly Socks- $30

(This, I learned thanks to the Sigur Ross song, means puddle jumping in Icelandic)

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