Thursday, January 21, 2010

Take me to Rio

This girl, Joanna, was captured by our street savvy photographer at The Sartorialist during a trip to Brazil's capital city. In Rio de Janeiro, the fashion is almost hotter than the weather and so are the average pedestrians. This picture took my breath away. Certainly it takes a special kind of woman to pull off a red dress on any given day, but I found it was more of the simplicity in this outfit that fascinated me. It appears as though Joanna has compiled an incomparable look, but admiring more closely, you can see just how easily accessorized this ensemble is. An emerald ring, the brown sandals paired with a brown satchel, classic wayfarers, and most of all, the glamorous head scarf. If you're taking a holiday to somewhere warm or you would just like to keep this in mind once the weather turns brighter, I have created my own version of Joanna from Rio.

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