Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Nostalgic Accessory

First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for my long winded absence over the past few weeks. I have nothing but multiple chocolate-driven couch comas and the luxury of On-Demand television as my excuse for this blogger disappearance. Instead of updating you on my boring Connecticut life(less)style, I'll just jump right back into it!

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Tonight, the forecast predicts temperatures to dip below zero, so I anticipate seeing many Saturday nighters out and about in their warmest hats and gloves. We are all accustomed to the wool, the cashmere, the burly, and the knitted. It is winter after all! What we are not so used to, is the old fashioned tea gloves. My close friend, Elizabeth, was recently sporting a sleek pair of black cotton gloves during one of our typical sushi and martini nights out. Despite the fact that she bears a striking resemblance to Betty Paige, the elegant look of a 1950's model immediately popped into mind. Why have we neglected the use of such an accessory? Just some time ago, these gloves were worn as a sign of wealth, class, status, and grace for a women in society. It must have been difficult to do minimal tasks, but overall, the outfits looked simply stunning during the days of Audrey, Grace, and Ingrid. Elizabeth had attained these from her grandmother and informed me that she put aside two pairs for me. Overjoyed, I'm looking forward to compiling some glamorous outfits with the vintage pieces.

The best places to purchase the tea gloves are through vintage sellers like E-bay or Etsy.

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