Saturday, January 16, 2010

Style Inspired :: Marion Cotillard

The French in my life extends only to my obsession with the film Amelie, a local creperie in Boston called Paris, a spritz of Coco Chanel perfume, and an occasional baguette smothered in fresh brie. As much as I wish I could speak the beautiful language, or that I could eat with the best of them and still manage to look like them, I realize that my infatuation with French culture must remain in everlasting envy. Although it has recently come to my attention that when I think of all things French, one woman comes to mind. She has the flawless, iconic style of the old-grace that was once Hollywood. She wears fresh, natural beauty both on her face and in her body that all feminine identities must admire. Marion Cotillard is the living, breathing reason I will never fake French-ness; that kind of elegance is incomparable.

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