Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stars & Stripes

Memorial Day is right around the corner and I'm getting all butterflies in the belly just thinking about BBQs with my besties! We used to love dancing around our hometown parade picking up leftover candy that the kiddies missed in the overgrown grass, lighting sparklers as twilight rolls around, and stuffing our faces full with fantastic picnic grub. 
This patriotic holiday has always marked the beginning of summer fun for my girly group. Those lucky enough to have pools, open them up and prepare for months of chicken fights and marco polo. The town beach unlocks its gate with an incredible sand castle contest and everyone's favorite amusement park kicks off quarter night for townies every Friday. 
But there is more to be desired now that we are a bit older and will have much to discuss around the picnic tables this weekend. To prepare for  the inevitable "Congratulations on Graduation, now what to do with your life?" we must arm ourselves with many a patriotic pieces to distract from any abstract answers. Although, I can't help but brag, my girls can talk the talk better than the most embellished politicians, we just don't mind looking rather good while we're at it. 


I'm enamored with this Starfish Ring and find it's salmon hue most endearing. These Tocca Sunscreen towelettes make eating a hot dog (or smart dogs, if you don't mind) and applying sunscreen simultaneously, a snap! How festive would that BBQ be with these Marine Flags? Of course we'll need appropriate Holiday attire, like this unique Sunwashed Shirtdress from Anthropologie. I have been searching high and low for a pint size bbq tool like this Picnic Grill! This Sea Bag is ideal for carrying all those parade goodies like this and this. As the day gets cooler, wrap yourself in this Flag Ship Throw to keep up your patriotism throughout the evening. I'm convinced a nautical Striped Suit is a summer staple, so why not kick off the season with this adorable J.Crew number?
[photos from OhHelloYouPrettyThings]

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