Sunday, May 23, 2010

Farewell Sweet Caroline

I have had the most incredible week. It began with a few magical days snuggling close and kindly with my girl of girls and I quickly realized how excited I am to head back home and reconnect with ALL my fantastic girlies. I missed them quite fantastically during the college years and we have a number of things to catch up on.

Then I bid farewell to my Boston abode with some Sweet Caroline at Fenway park. Surprised? no? no. Despite numerous close encounters with high-speed foul balls (they really should tell folks to bring a helmet) it was a game to be remembered. A sunny afternoon, rounds of overpriced bud lights, and those awesome Sox fans. I found myself a bit teary eyed as I walked down Landsdowne a final time.

The rest of the week was spent working on EarthFest. A project I have been looking forward to since I began my internship here, just short of 5 months ago. It required heavy lifting and many early mornings, but the incredible crew, perfect May weather, and dedicated Bostonians who attended, made yesterday an absolute success. I could not have asked for a better celebration to end my time in Boston and welcome new beginnings.

Oh, good golly, did I tell you? This Miss Molly (that's me) was employed last week! Yes. Totally freaking exciting and most definitely lucky. How did I do it? Well, my horrific interview is entirely for another day's post. But I will let you know that interview season is also allergy season. I guess my hack-attack didn't ruin this opportunity but who knows. So all ya'll post-grads, I might recommend bringing a bottle of water and cough drops with that sparkling resume. 

Enjoy Some Sunshine Luvies!

[Are you not completely obsessed with these B&W's? Yea, girl blew me away. Check out the photos and this New York duo's incredible shop, here.]

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