Saturday, May 1, 2010

She's gone done it again!

That inspiring girl over at Contented Me has introduced us to more new and beautiful things. See, ever since I discovered Kristin's super-awesome Chicago blog, I find myself constantly adding items to the never-ending wish list revolving on my desktop. Most recently? Spool No.27.

Check it:

Spool's Native America affected collection allows for the most feminine details and colorful patterns. The designers combine salvaged textiles to create casual looks. I'm especially loving this for its unique triangle back and this for the sweat-not chiffon fabric. Being a huge advocate of the scarf, I'm thrilled about this sheer, oversized wrap I can rock all year. I have been determined to find a quaint, white, graduation dress and I'm proud to say this has ended my quest. I've been skeptical to purchase a romper, but this one just might be a summer staple. This mossy green necklace is the most darling detail for this ruffled tank that initially inspired today's post.

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