Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I sincerely miss those heavy metal bands...

Twenty-two hits in just about one hour.
I haven't had much time lately to think about turning another year older. I'm excited that 21 has come and gone, it was quite a year.
I traveled to London and Ireland, Spain and Greece, Rome and Portugal, Amsterdam and Bruges. I discovered the vast and beautiful Bible belt while venturing to Bonnaroo.
I watched the sunset on Primrose Hill with a bottle of wine and best friends. I watched the sunrise after staying up all night and despite my headache, it was undeniably gorgeous. I started to believe in vampires and Robert Pattinson. I danced to techno. I danced in the rain.
I bought my first car and I named her Lola. I bought my first Phish ticket, followed by 4 more to complete the tour. I made mistakes, a lot of mistakes. I changed my mind incessantly. I learned.
Twenty-one took someone away. Someone that could bring you happiness just with his smile. He was the best. 
But twenty-one brought many newbies. And twenty-two will bring many more new things. And if anything has gotten me through all the travels, the mistakes, the lessons, and losses, these twenty-one...-two years of life, it has been the music. Songs of old and new, good and bad, I have heard them all. So here, I compiled the 22 for my twenty-two.

Year Twenty-Two
1. Hang On- Dr. Dog
2. White Limo- The Felice Brothers
3. I Heard Your Voice in Dresden- Elvis Perkins
4. Tonight- Sibylle Baier
5. All When We Were Young- The Felice Brothers
6. Come On Up to the House- Tom Waits
7. Full Force Gale- Van Morrison
8. Gotta Keep Walking- Willy Mason
9. I Shall Be Released- The Band
10. Miles From Nowhere- Cat Stevens
11. Let It Loose- The Rolling Stones
12. Heavy Metal Drummer- Wilco
13. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You- Bob Dylan
14. Till The Morning Comes- Grateful Dead
15. Chalkdust Torture- Phish
16. Ophelia- Levon Helm
17. Late in the Evening- Paul Simon
18. This Will Be Our Year- The Zombies
19. This Time Tomorrow- The Kinks
20. What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, & Understanding- Elvis Costello
21. My Sharona- The Knack
22. If I Should Fall From Grace With God- The Pogues
Bonus Track: Bad Romance- Lady Gaga

**And yes, if you're wondering, the very best birthday present is still a mix-tape.

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