Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Beautiful Space

I feel like my existential crisis, which you can refresh on here, has a lot to do with this idea of space. I am so easily affected by my environment that my mood can go from bubbly to grumbling with a passing rain cloud. It's not just the weather that effects me, although it certainly adds great weight, it can be anything from where I work to where I sleep. I have a hard time tolerating walls with nothing on them, black and white furniture, a lack of light, obsessive levels of organization, and no sign of nature.
So, one of my post-grad goals is to create beautiful space. I probably will not become an interior designer, but I will design my interior. I realize I can't be so picky that I turn down jobs based on the color of my desk, so I'll settle for a desk to come home to and a bedroom where dreams come true. I think it'll make blogging much more fun also! 
What a beautiful space needs:
1. Mirrors and lots of them-- I'm obsessed with light, and even better is natural light. Mirrors take what little light Boston has to offer and reflect it for a warmer, brighter space. 
2. Windows-- No light to reflect if no light can come in! Windows are so important in my space. My dorm room has the worst windows. Drafty, heavy, modern, depressing. I am on a search for a home with gigantic windows. 
3. Color-- Yes, all white decor was once oh-so-vogue. And the black and white office, supposedly "professional." But if you're a professional than do something original! Color is a sign of creativity and color is inspirational, even if only in artwork on the wall. My dear friend Karen, over at Selvage Quilters, made me a beautiful quilt a few years back. After another move back in CT, mom brought it out and I quickly exchanged my all-navy comforter for the handmade quilt. What a difference the color makes!
{This is my favorite space! Can you imagine just kicking it in your office hammock?}
4. Flowers -- A touch of nature can add an honest breath of fresh air to any space. Mom and I were discussing the "pros" of living in a city and in her dreamlike way she rambled, "I would just love to walk home everyday and pick up some fresh flowers to decorate my apartment!" She's so cute. But really, she's right! Cities and towns everywhere have fresh flower shops and local farmer's markets to pick up a bouquet and spread some natural color around your space.
5. Clutter-- This is where mom and I disagree. She loves things to be neat and tidy. I'd rather a bit of clutter here or there. I'm not talking mounds of clothes, which somehow find their way on my floor every week, but a few knick knacks to make your home feel well-lived. It makes people feel comfortable to explore these items of your space.
6. Books-- An absolutely necessity in my space. I have a dream of collecting enough books to fill the walls of an entire room, or two. I will have my own library one day. Cicero once said, "a room without books is like a body without a soul."

Here are some more lovely spaces...

Photos found at Mary Ruffle, Miss Wallflower, and Apartment #34.
Also check out super creative Plush Palate for more workspace inspirations!


  1. Wow, what a great post about beautiful spaces. My environment definitely influences how I feel and how much energy I have. Even living within sight of NYC energized me in a way. I was aware of the buzz of people doing cool things, and it made me want to get going! I also liked being up in the sky on the 18th floor. Now we're in the country and that's good too, very peaceful. Cleaning up my space and adding some colorful flowers, especially in February, is a powerful pick-me-up! I think I'll do that right now.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your quilt. It's better to use them, rather than save them.

    I'm really enjoying your blog!

  2. I love your beautiful space post.
    You already have designed a beautiful space minus the mounds of clothes that find their way to your bedroom floor.
    Regarding your dorm room, perhaps you could display some red or yellow tulips in a pretty vase...