Monday, December 14, 2009

Texturize, Mesmerize, Fashionize

As the great Alvy Singer once said, "everything our parents said was good for us, is bad: sun, milk, red meat, college!" Let's face it, the rules of life have completely changed and things are now left  to our own spontaneity, by means of social appropriateness of course. With spontaneity, obviously comes creativity, and in fashion, that means the magic of mixing and matching textures of fabrics. This kind of blending has been evolving for quite some time now. As I was browsing a gorgeous Kate Moss editorial discovered by dapper kid from 1992, I realized how relevant her outfits were in the scheme of this current season's wardrobe. The mixture of feathers with tweeds and embroidered tights with lace-lined skirts; it is all such an elegant backdrop to a decade that was neither the 90s nor now. Despite the historical relevance, mixing textures creates a mesmerizing attraction and an irresistible high fashion look.

Lady Luck

Lady Luck
1. Corset- TopShop $46
2. Embroidered Jacket- TopShop $139
3. Feather Skirt- Lia Kes $199
4. Beige Croc Pumps- Mario Bologna $362
5. Handbag- Miu Miu $940
6. Feather Veil Top Hat- arden b $28
7. Corset Waist Belt- Yves Saint Laurent $248
8. Vintage Pearl Earrings- 1928 $18
9. Les Folies Noirs Eyeshadow- Chanel $60
10. Damage Lipstick- NARS $24
11. Papa Don't Peach Blush- Too Faced $20
12. Perfume- Chloe $110

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