Saturday, December 12, 2009

Personal Style Inspirations

The Charmed Life
The Charmed Life
I have been shamelessly obsessed with the Olsen twins since their toddler days on Full House. But it was not until I noticed their faces on the covers of Marie Claire, Elle, and Vogue that I became fashion inspired. The girls changed my ideas about the norms and constraints of personal style and allowed me to realize that inspiration is everywhere and there are no boundaries. 

For me, personal inspirations come from colors in nature and delicate antiques, like tea cups or chandeliers. I think the earth knows the best color palettes, particularly in Autumn when the trees introduce the ideas of wearing orange with mustard yellow and the ground proves that moss green looks great with burnt red. Antiques bring out an elegance and grace of things that are old and appreciated. They inspire a look that can be replicated in dainty florals, soft lace, and glowing crystals. Creativity, imagination, and confidence are what makes a statement. 

Mary Kate warms up the December cover for Nylon and makes some fabulous remarks about what inspires her personal style backstage at the shoot.

What inspires your personal style?

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