Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Affairs, Accusations, and Obsession!

No, I'm not talking about David Letterman and his female employees!
I'm referring to the scandalous and infamous names of O.P.I.'s nail polish. O.P.I. has shocked manicure clientele with hilarious and witty names as if to create a community of customers who not only compliment each others nails, but go so far as to ask "What are you wearing?!" The exchange of O.P.I. Lacquer nail-color names stretches into a fashion statement for every season. This answers your question for why Vogue's September Issue now includes an entire two pages dedicated to the appropriate Fall nail-color to match that $9,000 Alexander McQueen gown on page 212. You can't possibly wear "I Don't Do Dishes" in all its fierce, red, housewife connotations with an elegant purple satin dress, right?

Ellen Degeneres, a staple in my dorm room every morning at 9 a.m., notes the fun she has with O.P.I.'s crazy polish names yet the difficulty it can have when choosing your polish for an everyday manicure.

I will be the first to admit of falling victim to the cheeky name game when holding two beautiful colors in the salon and my indecisiveness forces me to choose the better name, not the more appropriate color. Who wouldn't want "Jumbo Shrimp" over "Suzi Says Da!?" But don't worry, because my favorite colors this season are not only gorgeous and flattering with every outfit, but their names will bring smiles to all those that inquire!

Top 3 O.P.I. Fall Colors
  • Affair in Times Square - I'm currently wearing this color and I love it! The matte finish is professional and feminine. A perfect purple tint with brown undertones, the ideal Fall color. 

  • You Don't Know Jacques!- Another matte finish with greenish-brown tones. I like this during the week because it goes with most outfits for work and class. A tad darker than the previous color yet not as Gothic as last seasons shiny black and purple colors, yikes!

  • Mod About You- This color does not appear to fit for the Fall season. But what I think is the kicker this season is ignoring anything sparkly or shiny (until the Holidays) and really sticking to a matte polish. This polish is a very faint pink with almost a white color, ideal for the weekend or date night. So cute and innocent!

Happy Polishing! Does anyone have other colors this season they're swooning over?

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