Sunday, July 11, 2010

Designing Dessert

There is something to be said for a place that both entrances your sweet tooth and the ever-hungry design eye. Mexico's very first French macaroon bakery has created a sophisticated all-white interior popping with the bright likes of Coco, Pistache, Chocolate Frances, Praline, The Vert, The Chai, Patelos de Rosa, and of course, Caramelo Suave. 
Welcome to Theurel & Thomas. A dream for those of us always seeking an intriguing indulgence. I imagine you will be greeted at the luxury encasement by the candy man, decked in a red and white striped suite, tall top hat and glass cane. 
A white room without many windows can create an odd discomfort, but a large mirror and proper lighting opens up the space with a cosmopolitan subtlety. Those yellow and pink side table snacks are surely just for decoration...wink, wink.
A Chanel-esque label invites patrons on the door to this exclusive address. Now, just jot this info into your little black book and catch a flight to Mexico. I’ll meet you in a few hours to sit atop a soft white sofa to munch on Cafe Veracruz macaroons.
How classic and feminine is this spot? A dainty sculpture shying away from her sugary desires. The intricate placement on a simple white drawer is resourceful and chic. I love how the edging on the drawers match the molding on the walls. The architectural patterns and deep moldings make fascinating shapes stand out against the seemingly washed out backdrop. 
I can't think of a better treat than white and pink. The detailed porcelain bowls overflowing with rose colored cookies is a perfect way to explain the delicacy behind this simple dessert. 
What I truly adore about this whole interior, is the absence of over-label. Between retail, hospitality, and food industries, store’s have a habit of branding every square inch of their interior. For Theurel & Thomas, they know their brand and they want you to know it right when you walk in- Macaroons. You can’t miss them so just go ahead and taste them. The rest is simple just like their design, sit and enjoy!

Theurel & Thomas’s interior and branding was designed by Anagrama.
All photos from Anagrama.
Discovered by De Zeen Magazine.

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  1. Love this post. Great photos and your text makes me smile. Gee, I could really go for a macaroon too. Are they dipped in frosting to make them pretty colors? Or just colored batter? I wonder. That decor really is white on white, isn't it?

    I hope all is well in your new job. I had only one decent outfit for work when I started. At the end of the first day, I wondered, "Uh-oh! what will I wear tomorrow?" Now I can't remember. It must have worked out. :)