Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Style Inspired: Michelle Williams

I haven't done one of these in a while and my reason for choosing this lady is not because of her killer outfits or smashing makeup. Very simply, it is her sense of self. A confident style and subtle grace that is all her own kept quietly in a place no one can touch.
I watched Blue Valentine on Saturday afternoon. I will advise that if you try to avoid existential funks, don't even think about watching it. Otherwise, it's an amazing film about the reality of love and relationships. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams equally broke my heart as I cried for the entirety of the movie and didn't leave my bed for the next 14 hours.
I hope there is a day I chop my hair pixie-like and dye it all silvery so I fit in with the stars. She looks stunning all in white.
She looks mighty good in black as well. Hiding from the paparazzi maybe.

Download Blue Valentine soundtrack- I promise it will not keep you in bed for 14 hours.
Michelle's stellar photo shoot with Interview.

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