Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Daisy Age

Well, I feel like the most terrible friend. Sorry my head has been lost in the clouds these past two months.  I mean this all too literally. I flew off for a life changing vacation to Hawaii for a hot/humid sec and have been completely swept away with paradise. I've been scouring Craigslist for surfing shacks and jobs on pineapple farms. Also, I turn 23 in just 3 days time and I feel it's time for some adventure. Exciting, yes?
I stumbled across these amazing photos of Lady Kate. It's a gorgeous spread for the old British mag, The Face, during the early 90's.
I love how fresh and natural she looks, with my favorite dangling side braid.
{Yes...those are Birkenstocks.}
The shoot reflected the hippie trend called "The Daisy Age." Unknown to me, the term "Daisy" was an acronym from 90's hip-hop band, De La Soul, meaning "da inner sound, y'all." Awesome.
After this horrible winter, I can't wait to be back in my Maui maxi dresses trotting through the mud at a summer festie. Between Kate Moss's feather headband and the recent lineups announced here, here and here, I have the biggest butterflies for sunshine and summer. 
 The Daisy Age; Kate Moss 1991 
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1. Blu Moon Top $94.00
6. Aztec Bangles $75.00

Kate Moss spread found here.

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